General Rental Conditions


 Services of Pre-booking: either by phone, in person or online are purely informational, and are intended only to provide the user, consulting availability and prices of the boats.


  1. By making a pre-booking request, you will receive an information email about the availability and price of the boat requested.
  1. The booking will be confirmed and guaranteed by paying 40% of the total booking amount with copy of the payment receipt attached. Upon receipt of such evidence, the customer will receive confirmation of the booking and the boat will be locked.The customer must check the data described in the booking confirmation and notify SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL. If any modifications, otherwise the booking will be formalized by SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL
  1. Contract formalizing:Previous to the contract signature and boat delivery, the client must pay the remaining booking amount for the contract to be valid, and the deposit of 700€ or 900€ (depending of the boat) in concept boat guarantee. This deposit will be refunded to the customer when the rental will be finalized, as long as the boat is in the same state as the day of delivery. 
  1. Booking cancellation: Booking cancellation by the customer will cause costs of processing, management and lock the boat so:

- All those cancellations for personal customer reasons, will assume that SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL run the right to charge 40% of the booking.

- SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL will accept a booking cancellation by the customer 20 days ahead before the date of rent. Cancellation is valid only with a previous written communication to the email address:

- When the rental cannot be enjoyed because of weather conditions, as long as are justified and verified by SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL, customer will be offered a date change to enjoy another day rental.


- The rental service hours are from 9: 00h to 18: 00h for 1 day rentals and from 9: 00h to 13: 00h or from 15: 00h to 19: 00h for half day rentals. The customer will pay 50€/hour penalty if the boat is returned outside the established schedule. Time of boat delivery from 9: 00h to 12: 30h and collecting time from 15: 00h to 18: 00h

- The boat driver must have the valid qualifications needed to navigate corresponding to the rented boat and present this documentation (original) at the time of signing the contract. If you Not possess such qualifications the boat may not be rented without the additional service of a skipper.

- The customer must have sufficient experience driving and handling a motorboat. The customer must also have knowledge of sea marks and navigation. 

- By no means is allowed to hand over the motorboat to a third party or rent it to anyone else other than the contracting client. 

- The rental price does not include fuel. The boat will be delivered with a full tank of fuel and before returning the boat the customer must fill the consumed part at the Port Marina Palamós gas station along with SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL staff, before delivery of the boat. If the tank is not returned full, SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL will retain the deposit until the tank is filled and the fuel amount discounted. 

- Boat insurance:

The customer is assured of liability against third parties by insurance policy with the insurance company contracted by SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL, as well as coverage of the occupants, measures and conditions set out in the Regulation of Compulsory Insurance ( Decree May 6, 1965).

SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL includes boat all risk insurance coverage with own damage and third party franchise. In case of material damage or loss of material of the boat, the customer will pay to SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL the corresponding deposit in concept of - the consequent damages caused to manage the repairs, - replacement of damaged or lost material, - attend to the profit loss.

- Safety on board:

  1. It is essential to have a contact telephone during rental in order to contact SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL or vice versa in case of emergency.
  2. For security reasons it is not allowed to exceed the number of maximum persons on board that allows the rented boat.
  3. For hygienic reasons pets are not allowed on board of rented boats.
  4. While sailing is recommended the use of life jackets and sit in the respective seats of the boat (especially children and the elderly)
  5. It is recommended to use appropriate nautical footwear.
  6. It cannot enter or come out of the water with the engine running.
  7. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or noxious substances is not recommended during the use of the boat. 

- It is not allowed to exceed the dispatch side navigation of the boat, neither the speed limited by the license and seaworthiness permit. The customer will be the only responsible for paying SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL any imposed sanction for breaching of maritime navigation and fishing laws.

  • The maximum speed set by the Navy in a port or at less than 200 meters from the coast is 36 knots.
  • The maximum distance established by the Navy is 2 miles from the coast.

 - The boat is obliged to always stay overnight at the homeport of PORT MARINA PALAMOS unless SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL and the customer agree otherwise. 

- SPORT NÀUTIC EMPORDÀ CB SL is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal property forgotten, stored or transported in the boat during the rental. 

Clause to collect customer data

According to established by Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), we inform you that the data provided will be incorporated into a file which holds SPORT NAUTIC E.C.B. SL in order to perform administrative, accounting and fiscal management, as well as send you communications about our products and services.

Also we advised of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your data at the address of SPORT NAUTIC E.C.B. SL located at C / PETIT, 6-17253 VALL-LLOBREGA - GIRONA.