New Boats


Highlight builder, Jeanneau is distinguished by the elegance of its boats. It has pure and modern lines that are signed by world-renowned architects who bring their innovative ideas to each project. This experience acompained by  the Jeanneau equipment, produces a very attractive and comfortable boats that are always easy to maneuver. Jeanneau has become an inevitable actor in the motor boat market.

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In the OUTBOARD engine, Jeanneau has the Cap Camarat gamma:


Center Console - The Center Console range, central cockpit, with reduced draft and easy circulation is aimed at fishermen and those who like to navigate as close as possible to the elements.



Walk Around - Mini cruises, water skiing, diving, fishing .... in the Walk Around thanks to a stable and powerful careening, the safety of the passengers is ensured in the whole length. The conditioning of the central cabin will allow you to enjoy comfortable mini improvised cruises.


Day Cruiser - Nordic inspired, the Day Cruiser forms a versatile range that allows all nautical activities, as well as the small coastal cruiser in good conditions of protection.


Merry Fisher  -It have become the reference in terms of concept, design, performance and comfort on board in all Europe. In all sea conditions, the Merry Fisher ships have the perfect blend of a sailor and a fisherman´s safety, distinguished by an extreme versatility turning them into 100% cruise or 100% fishing.



Jeanneau - The inevitable actor in the INBOARD motor boat market. This offer creates a new range that immediately find their audience: Leader, Velasco and NC contain their part of innovation.

Leader - Synonymous of elegance, luxury and performance, It stand out in their environment. These elegant lines evoke the sporty character of the Leader universe and show off the refinement of a comfort trip... A boat built on the values ​​of a peacefull world experience!



Merry Fisher 38 Fly  - The new Merry Fisher 38F replaces the Velasco model. "Highlighting cruising boat¨ that reinforces the sense of intimacy and well-being. An inside door, recessed side decks, an open and protected command post with two doors and a large platform. The flybridge offers 3 incomparable living spaces. Sundecks and a spacious swim platform accompanied by the best comfort on the deck. The interior is bathed in light thanks to its panoramic windows, an U-shaped kitchen and spacious living room, on the lower floor is the sleeping area with cabins and bathroom.



NC - On board the NC, each glazed surface yields maximum. The sliding roof, the windows and the hull windows are the numerous points of union with the maritim and the natural environment, allowing to enter a surprising luminosity to the interior. The bathtub opens wide to the living room, comfortable and cozy in a sober and elegant style offering a large volume on one level. A nocturnal configurations surprise by the spacious cabins, bathrooms or the wide dressing room.




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Lomac -Since its creation in the 60s, the Italian shipyard has developed a prow technology in the design and construction of pneumatic and semi-rigid boats, marking trends over the years. At the present it has a wide catalog of more than 60 models distributed among its 9 different lines that cover, between sport and professional models, from small pliable pneumatic to semi-rigid high-altitude navigation.

Adrenalina - The most sporting semi-rigid line in the Lomac range for those seeking exclusivity and luxury, while maintaining the necessary technological contribution so that each outing is an electrifying water experience.

Gran Turismo - New level of luxury and comfort through semi-rigid, shaped as a real family high-altitude cruise, with an important interior freeboard and a well integrated cabin under cover.


In - With everything necessary in terms of functionality and navigation comfort for a practical and most familiar use. It comprises a wide range of sizes, with a spacious deck and remarkable seating capacity with stowage in each of the lengths.


Ok - Versatile and affordable. Great versatility at a very affordable price, with good performance fairings and a cover design that takes advantage of the spaces to provide maximum habitability and easily adapt to different activities.


Maestrale -The Maestrale shipyard has 40 years of experience in the nautical industry, this is demonstrated by the excellent results. The origin of the Maestrale shipbuilding is the great passion of the engineer Marcello Sorrentino, designer and creator of all models. 

Maestrale made by italian design, it is synonymous of perfection with the  attention of each original detail, all together are the basis for the Shipyard's production. All models are manufactured with the brand Orca with Hypalon Neoprene. The customer can choose different colors of the upholstery, and floats.




Nuva Yachts manufactures boats 100% made in Barcelona.

Nuva Yachts is the result of years of experience and passion for the nautical world of its founder Andrés Cárdenas. The objective of its creation is to merge two sensations, two emotions that every sailor undoubtedly wants to have: to feel the calm of sailing and the energy of navigation in a single yacht.

Equipped with modern technologies, such as a fully retractable keel with the bulb, which fits fully into the hull, NUVA allows you to moor in the most shallow places. "We have developed a very functional, highly safe and unsinkable boat, where you can enjoy very adventurous moments."

His shipyard is located in Port Ginesta, Castelldefels. "We attach great importance to the manufacturing processes to give a 100% quality guarantee, being close to the process allows us absolute control, Castelldefels." We attach great importance to the manufacturing processes to give a 100% quality guarantee, being close to the process allows us to have absolute control of manufacturing, always seeking perfection. "


M6 Cabin

This new NUVA model is 5.99m long, allowing it to be the perfect travel companion to tow out of the sea. It stands out for its daring design, betting on maximum comfort.


M6 Open

The NUVA M6 OPEN is the third model that the company presents and for 2019 it has planned new models of greater length, such as the NUVA M8, which is where NUVA has the greatest expectations in the market. All models have been designed in Barcelona and are manufactured at the Nuva facilities located in PORT GINESTA



This boat is loaded with details that will not leave you indifferent for a boat of 7.99 meters in length.

The distribution of weights studied in detail, combined with a greater length and beam, have resulted in enviable performance. You will have security, comfort and a feeling of well-being for much less than you expect.


M9 Open

The open-bow version of the Nuva 8.



Yamaha outboards provide industry-leading innovation, exceptional performance, and extraordinary power and reliability.

At Náutica Costa Brava we assemble all our outboard boats with Yamaha engines.


Premium range: From 425 to 225 HP. Is the culmination of engineering desing, offering unmatched power and performance.

High Power: From 200 to 90 HP. Impressive acceleration and great performance.


Average Power: From 80 to 30 hp performance and ease of handlig, with maximum fuel efficiency. 


Versatile: From 25 to 8 HP. Unique power/weight ratio and superb control, with great engine qualities.

Portable: 6-2 HP. Incredibly flexible, lightweright and easy to use. 

Electric Motor: Practical, ecological and ideal for small boats.